I’m geeky AF….

But since you stopped by…

I mean, that really does sum it up. I’m a nerd through and through. I love data and charts and spreadsheets and statistics. I could spend hours playing with CSS or modifying my Shopify code.

But most of all what I love is talking about SEO. Ok, most of all I love chocolate and my dogs. Probably not in that order.

Oh … and my hubby. Him, too.


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Why I’m Passionate About What I Do

I’ve failed more times than I count. Lost thousands of $$, cried in my coffee (that may have been spiked), “WTF-have-I done” failed. Did I mention I did this multiple times?

And then, like magic one day, I succeeded. Well, it wasn’t really magical. It was more like a trickle that kept getting bigger until I finally felt like I could breathe. And, to be brutally honest, there are still some days I can’t breathe.

I’m here because I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone. I don’t ever want you to feel like this is too much or that you’re the only one who has felt the way you’re feeling now.

I want you to know there’s a path.

Listen – I’m not good at lots of things. But, what I am good at is listening and encouraging (oh, and I’m kind of a badass at teaching you how to attract organic traffic).

So, put that chin up. Dry those tears. Straighten that crown. Babe – we’re about to do great things.